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Child Sponsorship

Help us care for the needs of those most vulnerable and socially deprived.

Our Child Sponsorship Program provides aid to children throughout Armenia who come from families which the government of Armenia has identified as the most in need and on the country’s “Poverty list.” A donation of $360 can provide life-changing support to a child for a whole year. Because we have selected the youngest, poorest and most vulnerable children your sponsorship can be a very special blessing for both you and the beautiful often hopeless and helpless child you help. With your gift, a child will receive:

  • Care for their nutritional needs, which include meat, dairy products, fresh fruits,vegetables and rice.

  • Free medical and dental care provided by our own doctors.

  • Shoes and warm clothing, which are urgently needed in the cold winter months in Armenia.

  • An excellent Christian education, physical activities and a loving environment.

With your sponsorship, you’ll receive a picture of a beautiful child representative of the children you will be assisting.

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