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Angel's Home Health

Reaching Families In Need

ARDA’s Angel Home Health program provides Social, Spiritual, Emotional and Medical help to several dozen impoverished families. The program, is named in honor  of Angel Jemelian, and provides in-home care to needy families in and around Yerevan. The families served are the poorest of the poor in and around the capital city of Yerevan. Many of these families are either missing one or more “breadwinners” or have someone who is significantly disabled. These families often lack access to government and social resources, making their lives even more vulnerable. ARDA sends its small team of caring social workers who “walk with” these families, providing them with food and clothing, giving them access to medical services, helping with apartment repairs and advocating for them. Most importantly, social workers offer hope by sharing the life-changing love of Jesus Christ. ARDA greatly desires that this vital program to poor families expands to other cities and villages This will only be possible if God stirs the heart of a donor or donors who share the same vision. Imagine being the compassionate arm of care and love from across the seas to a family, a child or a community.

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