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Radio Ministry

In Partnership with Thru the Bible Radio

ARDA’s Christian Radio broadcast made its debut on Armenian airwaves in 2001. Since then, we have been able to deliver daily broadcasts of messages in Bible lesson format designed and originally produced by scholar and theologian, Dr. J. Vernon McGee (Thru the Bible Radio). The “Thru the Bible” broadcast was completely translated into Armenian and re-recorded by a famous “Voice” from Armenia. The broadcast is heard in half hour segments twice each weekday and has a large and diverse listening audience and is the only daily Bible broadcast of its kind in Armenia and Karabakh. The programs, entitled “The Breath of God from Beginning to End”, are broadcast in the Eastern Armenian dialect. ARDA has open phone lines for calls from listeners in the major population centers of Armenia and Karabakh. Visit  our partner’s web site, Thru The Bible  |

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