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Lazarian World Homes

Finding Solution to Homelessness

In the summer of 2007, twenty college students from three US universities (USC, Baylor and Point Loma) built two foam model homes that launched  ARDA’S low cost housing program in Armenia. Each year a new set of homes are built, bringing the current grand total of homes to 56. The recipients of the homes lived in metal freight containers which had been left over after countries around the world sent humanitarian supplies in response to the devastating 1988 earthquake in Armenia. Can you imagine living in a 8’ wide by 40’ long metal freight container (called “Domiks”) for 25+ years often with 3 generations of family members then to be given keys to your new house? What would that be like? It’s hard to describe but we have experienced the tears of joy of dozens of familys exactly in that predicament. In 2009, a community center was also built amidst the homes ARDA built to meet the collective needs of the residents.  The residents affectionately call the newly developed area “ARDA Village”. The community center is a place where residents can gather and fellowship  together. From living in a domik to a brand new house in a new village. This is just one sample of how lives are changed when people like you partner with us to help the hopeless. When you see hope amidst despair your life will change forever. The new homes are custom designed by developers and architects in the USA with  proven standards of efficiency and structural integrity that can be delivered at amazingly affordable prices. These low cost homes employ styrofoam blocks which are filled with solid concrete which is  naturally cool in the hot Armenian summer and requires little heat in cold weather as they are excellent insulators. The standard home has two bedroom, bath, kitchen and living room. Lazarian World Homes projects are currently underway in countries throughout the world. You can learn more by visiting

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